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Pure Design seeks to create a counter-cultural brand that empowers girls to set higher standards by imparting confidence through truth and authenticity. We want to empower girls through our communication in our magazines, social media posts, blogs and conferences… but NOW we want to expand that message through products made available to YOU!!!

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Our new “FORWARD” designs are about leaving the past behind and moving forward. Our mistakes and failures do not define us, God’s truth does! No matter what you have done, whether you’ve failed miserably, or made poor choices, God desires to give you a fresh start and help you move FORWARD!

Our “From this Day Forward”social media campaign launched this spring at ourPure Beauty Conferencewhere many teen girls learned how to make positive choices to:
*love themselves
*walk in purity
*find emotional freedom

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Maybe 2018 hasn’t been your best year?  Today is a new day and you can begin moving FORWARD into all God has planned for you, one decision at a time!

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Mistaken Identity

Where do you find your identity and self worth?

Is it in how you look, who you know or who you date?

A lot of times as teenage girls, rather than looking to God – the one who made us and knows us inside and out – we look around us to what we physically see and who we know. We look in the mirror, we ask friends, we search social media, we find a guy. But all of these things are really shallow. Social media changes by the second. What’s in today is out tomorrow. Friends come and go, boyfriends disappoint. And when we anchor our self-worth or our identity to these things, we are in for a lot of disappointment and heartache.

The definition of identity is who you truly are on the inside. It has nothing to do with anything external.

The perfect scripture to sum this up is: 1 Samuel 16:7b says – “The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

So how do you know if you are dealing with “mistaken identity”?  Take a look at what we usually value more than what’s happening on the inside of us:  (The inside is where our true identity lies).

  1. Your self-worth comes from your Appearance.

Do you care more about what you look like, than how you act?

Our society values appearance. Teen girls everywhere idolize women like Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and Emma Roberts. They are envied because of their looks, followers and popularity. But their public lives are only a piece of their real lives. What we see on billboards, magazines, social media and TV are the images their publicists want everyone to see – modified, edited, photoshopped images that create a reality for girls to envy and look up to. Every once in awhile we hear what they are really going through, but quickly those things are swept aside, so you can focus on the surface things like what they are wearing or what hairstyle or make-up brand they use.

Proverbs 31:30 – “Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”

Do you know any women who really fear the Lord? Maybe you should follow their lives a little more closely?


  1. Your identity comes from who you know.

From the time we are little, we understand the social system of popularity.  We create categories and try to identify where we fit best.  Our identities are formed by those we hang with – the athletes, the preppy kids, the nerds, etc. –  and from a very young age, we believe our identity is defined by who we know. But, when we try to find our value in the friends we hang with or if our identity is wrapped up in that, we become devastated when relationships fall apart.

As teen girls, we often get caught in the trap of comparing ourselves with other girlfriends.  We compare our looks, talents and abilities with those we hang with.  It creates a feeling of “I’m not good enough because everyone around me is prettier, smarter or more talented.”

The truth is: Our value does come from someone we know, and that person is Jesus.  Think about this for a second: you have been invited to have a personal relationship with God – the creator of the universe. What greater relationship could there be on the planet?


  1. Your worth comes from a boyfriend.

A lot of times as girls, we find our identities in who we date. We think that we need a guy to tell us we are beautiful and loved, rather than knowing we are absolutely adored by God.

A lot of times, the way we feel about ourselves totally depends on whether we are noticed in a room, or get enough social media likes on a post. Our value and worth is dependent on how guys treat us on any given day. If we are noticed or complimented, it’s a good day. If we are ignored, it’s a terrible day and we feel awful about ourselves.

Guys cannot determine your value or worth. Jesus did that when He died for you. He proved that you are so precious and valuable – valuable enough to DIE for. Relationships are fragile, and change and if your value is based on the guy you are with, as soon as that relationship ends, your self-worth will be shattered. You have to know who you are and who you belong to in order to remain secure in your identity.

Isaiah 43:1 says – Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.  (This is what God says about you.)

THIS is the place of secure identity – the place of knowing we belong to God.

So I’d encourage you today – don’t base your identity on things like your appearance, your group of friends or having a boyfriend. Let your true identity come from knowing you belong to God and that He absolutely adores you – just the way you are!

Pam Lozano is the Founder and President of Pure Design Ministries and Teen Magazine. She is a Youth Pastor with her husband at Oasis City Church in Westerville, Ohio. She loves investing in and mentoring the next generation to raise them up to be who God has designed them to be. Pam loves to write, drink Starbucks with friends and go for long walks.

Attitude of Gratitude

During November, a lot of people do these posts on gratitude. You may think, oh another year, another list of things to be grateful for, blah, blah. What’s the big deal?

Well for me, it helps shift my perspective!

A lot of times I get caught up comparing myself to other moms. I look at my friend’s posts on Instagram and think, they have a better life than me! I love their house, their clothes, their new shoes, their make-up, that great bag! I envy their vacation spots and wish I had their life.  You know what’s crazy though? They are probably doing the same thing with my posts!

The Bible talks about gratitude as an attitude of our hearts.  Giving thanks for what we have is so important, because it changes our perspective. Did you ever stop to think, you don’t envy people who have less than you, you envy those who have more.  I Thessalonians 5:16-18 says, “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” Rejoice always? Pray continually? Give thanks always? Those are some pretty hard words to live out!

Several years ago, I had the privilege to travel to Tijuana, Mexico on a mission’s trip with a group of teens we were leading. One afternoon we traveled up the side of a windy mountain to a village to share the gospel with people who lived there. When I got there, I was shocked at the level of poverty. The people who hosted the trip tried to prepare us, but until you see things up close, in person, it just isn’t real. There was no running water and no bathrooms, it was crazy!

A woman in the village invited us into her home. As part of our team crammed into her tiny one-room house, my heart sank. Her entire family shared this space that was probably the size of our guest bedroom (which isn’t very big). The floors were dirt, the roof was a piece of tin literally held down by tires and the walls were a mud-like mixture. A very thin, dirty mattress laid on the ground with a blanket. Thin pieces of cloth that covered the “windows” waved in the breeze. There were no screens or glass, just openings with this flimsy fabric covering them. A small table sat in one corner that was their kitchen. A pot with some boiling water sat on the tiniest stove-like structure I had ever seen. I don’t know if they had to buy the water or fetch it from a well or spring, because again, there wasn’t running water in the village anywhere.

The woman invited us in with the biggest smile on her face. She wasn’t ashamed of how little she had, she was gratefulfor the Americans who had traveled to her village to share the love of Jesus. I was amazed in the middle of her lack, she was so joyful.

There is no way I could compare her life to mine. Her house fits into my guest room. Her belongings were old and tattered. They had very few clothes, no closet, no dresser, no extra shoes. Her family members didn’t have their own rooms, in fact, they didn’t even have their own beds – they shared one mattress on the ground. There is just no comparison of her life and mine. But if I had to measure her joy and contentment, I bet she had more joy and was more content than I was. It’s not about how much we own, it’s about being grateful for what we do have.

As I sit at my desk today, Starbucks in hand, typing away on my Mac laptop, surrounded by things I love – a scented candle, a gold embossed mug, books, family photos, inspirational quotes, Bibles and journals, I am reminded how good I really have it.

I am healthy. I am loved by God and friends and family. I live in beautiful home and am warm. I am able to do things in my life that I love. I have money in our bank account, more shoes than I need, clothes I never wear and many, many things I take for granted.

I’d encourage you throughout November to look at what you have in life, rather than what you don’t. A change in perspective helps you see how blessed you are. If you dare, take the 30-day challenge and write down at least one thing you are grateful for every day this month. (If you start today, list 2! J)

Leave a comment here on our blog, or take a second to post on Instagram or FB.  Take the 30-day challenge! I dare you!

Pam Lozano is the Founder and President of Pure Design Ministries and Teen Magazine. She is a Youth Pastor with her husband at Oasis City Church in Westerville, Ohio. She is a conscientious leader who believes in investing in and mentoring the next generation to raise them up to be who God has designed them to be. Pam loves to write, drink Starbucks with friends and go for long walks.