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Hello lovelies! Today I want to take a couple minutes to share with you some amazing all natural products that we discovered! For all my beauty babes and gurus out there, these products are not only beneficial to your skin and overall health, but they also smell amazing and help instill a natural glow that lasts all day! Let’s jump in!

First off, these products are from the first launch of the With Love Botanicals line by Keely Dolan, a Seattle, Washington based blogger babe! All three products are made by Keely with hand-picked ingredients like rose quartz, coconut water, aloe vera and others to help moisturize and heal your skin!

The first product of her line, the Goddess Mist, is my personal favorite! It’s a rose quartz infused, rose water facial glow mist! This little glass bottle is MAGIC! From the first use, your skin feels refreshed and you get that instant highlight and natural glow! This bottle is perfect for on the go use or at home for an everyday routine! Benefits from this mist include pH balancing of the skin, hydration, minimization for pores or acne scars, and soothing of irritation or redness of the face. If you’re looking for a product that not only gives you a glow, but also keeps you moisturized while out in the sun, this bottle is for YOU!


Second, we have the Rosy Glow Spray! This baby is another miracle worker! For years I have tried several big name products to help set my makeup in place, but I end up feeling like my makeup is caked on, my face looks too matte, or my skin looks too dry! Gross! After only one day of using this setting spray I am happy to report that this product really works! It refreshed and moisturized, kept my foundation and full face makeup looking fresh, and lasted over nine hours from work to an evening out with friends! The best part is there’s only THREE ingredients: rose quartz, rose water, and aloe vera! Could it get any simpler?! Benefits include lowering stress, soothing itchy or irritated skin, hydration, and maintaining pH!


The third and final product from this line is the Pink Love Salts! This is a pink Himalayan bath salt mix infused with rose & lavender! If you’re like me, after a long crazy week, you’re ready for a little bit of pampering! Even in the summertime, my go-to is drawing a bath and playing some classic hits like my girls Aretha Franklin and Etta James! This bath salt mix is made of Pink Himalayan salt, epsom salt, dried rose petals, dried rose buds, lavender and rose fragrance oil! After two baths, my skin saw major results in healing of back acne, body acne and scars! This mix isn’t particularly for acne problems, but because the ingredients are all natural they have made a huge difference to my skin!


All in all, these products are the BOMB.COM! If you’re someone who doesn’t have a big beauty routine, these babies will help your skin and enhance your natural glow! (pictured on sides) If you are into the full face makeup, these work for you too! They not only heal your skin, but also help set your makeup in place and last ALL day! You can order them today at www.withlovekeely.com!




Caeilen Lozano is the Fashion Stylist & Editor for Pure Design Teen Magazine. She is 20 years old and has loved fashion since she was in preschool. Caeilen works at Express and a local flower shop, enjoys shopping, modeling for photo shoots, going for coffee or sushi with friends and loves a great concert.  She is a Jesus-lover, worshipper and is about to embark on a fun school year in Cali.  Follow her on Insta: @therose.diaries

Natural Beauty

It took me eighteen years to understand that I was beautiful. I worked with the world’s bag of tricks in hopes of feeling “pretty”. Exfoliating face masks, voluminous mascara, and burning hot curling irons threw me in for a loop. I could not keep up with society’s ever-changing looks. My face shone red, pimply and blotchy through my layered foundation and powder. My eyelashes could never be long enough or thick enough without those little black crumbs, and messy, beachy waves were impossible to perfect with my pin straight hair. The compliments that I received felt surfacy, so I never took them seriously which only made things worse. Satan made sure I woke up feeling ugly and once the natural beauty was exposed by night, he made sure that I was unsatisfied with the reflection I saw in the mirror.

1 Peter 3:3-4 says, “Beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.” It is hard to extinguish the desire to fit into society’s trend. The standards are set in each billboard, flyer, television commercial and magazine, immediately killing self-confidence while elevating anyone who can emulate the latest look. However, God says something different.

You are beautiful. The Lord tells us to find beauty in our character as it is far more valuable than rubies (Proverbs 31:10). The Lord never makes mistakes and you are not one of them. Although many people judge based on first impressions of waist size and hair texture, your character is what they remember. People remember the sacrifice of letting them go first in line or the smile you give them because it may be the only one they see that day. The Lord has created each of us uniquely inside and out, and He takes pride in what He has created in each of our hearts as we long for Him and display His loving, selfless character.

The Lord doesn’t say that makeup and styling tools are bad, but worshipping your outward appearance is not what He desires for your life. Do not be discouraged, you are stunning in God’s eyes and always will be. That is all that matters. He has fearfully and wonderfully made you and calls you His own. We aren’t called to live up to the standards and expectations of the world on you, but to find what the Lord requires of you and understand that you are beautiful. It’s in this understanding that you find peace and beauty.

Jordyn is a graduate from Olentangy Liberty High School and will be attending High Point University in the fall. She loves spending time with friends, photo shoots and shopping.

What I learned OFFLINE for 8 months!

savannahofflineI deleted my social media for 8 months.

And cable and Netflix and secular music and pretty much everything else that is entertaining.

Part of me hates social media. Actually scratch that – almost all of me hates it and wishes that it never existed. So when I felt called to get rid of it all for a while, it was somewhat easy for me and let me just say, it was the most productive time of my life!

Let me explain…

Late at night, with just my cell phone and I scrolling through the latest posts from my friends, famous people, and advertisements, that’s when I would hear it.

The thoughts condemned me for not being as beautiful, as tan or as sexy as them. The countless images of girls in their trendy outfits, the bikini pictures, the selfies… It drove me into a downward spiral of insecurity. I would compare myself to what I saw and realized how little I could compete.

I allowed my life to be consumed by the influence of the world, society, and media, instead of being filled with the love of Christ and it distorted my view of myself and the people around me.

After 8 months offline, I learned one thing:


I cannot control what I see at all times. The only thing I can control is how I allow it to affect me.

This simple idea has changed my life. I realized that the pain I was feeling inside my heart was no one’s fault, by my own because I allowed it. I didn’t understand the power of my thoughts and my words. I told myself so often that I was ugly and then wondered why I started to believe that I was ugly!

I noticed this shift in my mindset one evening standing in line at Chipotle. There was a girl with purple hair and winged eyeliner who was rather kind to me. This was significant to me because I didn’t have a trace of makeup on, wasn’t wearing a stylish outfit, and my hair was a mess… and I NEVER go out looking this way. She didn’t give a second thought at the fact that she could see my “flaws” and it made me realize that I was my harshest critic.

jesuspicI cried that night on my way home as my burrito waited in the bag for me. I began to feel convicted about the way that I was viewing my sisters in Christ – for being judgmental and seeing only their outward appearance instead of their heart. Kind of like how I viewed myself!

It may have taken me 8 months to figure it out, but that detox was just what I needed. I now focus on how each and every person is made in the image of God, including myself.

It is my prayer that women of God will come together and unite to be encouragers and not competitors, to support one another, and to celebrate the beauty in one another, while still knowing that they themselves are equally as beautiful.

As for myself and my own appearance, I choose to focus on more important things like my dreams, relationships, and my Savior. As I focus on things that I value inwardly, the meaning of the outwardly always diminishes in comparison.

“So God created mankind in His own image, in the image of God He created them; male and female He created them.” – Genesis 1:27


Savannah, 20, is a young writer and video creator who strongly believes in the power of young women coming together in Christ to bring real change to the world. As a result of marrying at the young age of 18, her life is far from ordinary, but her unique life has given her an opportunity to encourage other young girls to see the value of marriage. Savannah has had a relationship with the Lord since she was very young. During the last few years, she has truly begun to find her identity in Christ, which gives her the confidence to share her story in hopes of impacting others.

Sisterhood: Overcoming the Beauty Lies

brokenmirrorWhen you look in the mirror, what do you see?

Do you immediately see the blemishes, imperfections and things you dislike about yourself? Most of us do!

Culture today tries to define what our identity should be.  Beauty is defined by society as being stick-thin, air-brushed, perfect skin complexion, toned muscles and trending with the latest fashions.  We see movie stars, athletes, musicians and others in the spotlight day in and day out and we have this image of what beauty is.  But we often forget that images on TV, in the movies and especially in glamour magazines aren’t real.  They are airbrushed, modified, photo-shopped, cropped and edited to make us believe that there is an element of reality to what we are seeing.  What we ALSO fail to see are the eating disorders, the stress filled days, the workout regiments and the tension that these women and girls are constantly under in order to fit into this elite bracket of “beautiful”.

Our identity is wrapped up in what we look like, what we know, or what we can contribute to society.  The Bible, however clearly says that our identity should be found in Christ.  We should draw our value and self-worth from what God says about us.  In order for us to bravely become ourselves and be secure in who God has made us to be as women, we have to agree with the truth of God’s Word about us.


We have to look at glamour magazines and remind ourselves this isn’t real, we have to watch movies and realize that Hollywood is glamourizing what’s on the screen.  We have to recognize society’s perspective of beauty isn’t real, but a lie, and God’s perspective is the truth.

In order to believe the truth, we have to realize that we live in a broken system in this fallen world.  We have to understand, that the enemy is out to steal from us, to kill us and destroy us…  And He is going to use every weapon that is at his disposal to get us to buy the lies he wants us to believe.  Unfortunately, the beauty industry is after our money and in order to get our money, they must “sell us a belief system” that says we need make-up, we need the latest fashion, and need the latest hair style in order to fit in and be beautiful.

We have to reject these lies and embrace that we are beautiful just the way we are.  And that these things – makeup, clothing, hair and accessories simply enhance the beauty we already have.

The ONLY WAY to begin to gain confidence in who we are is to begin to learn to combat the lies with truth – the truth of God’s word!!

Romans 12:2 says, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

Image found on Google images.

mePamela Lozano is a conscientious leader who believes in investing in and mentoring the next generation to raise them up to be who God has designed them to be. She is the President & Founder of Pure Design Ministries which publishes Pure Design Teen Magazine on a quarterly basis.

Perfect doesn’t make Pretty

beautyHey, Beautiful!!

Yes, you!

Do you believe me?

I can’t see your face, your hair, or your body right now as you’re reading this but I know you are beautiful – because my definition of beauty is different than yours.

I’m not talking about your amazingly unique brain, stunningly compassionate heart, or thrillingly awesome mind. These are obviously all gorgeous! I’m talking about the outside of you!

Maybe you look something like me right now – damp hair, no makeup, and comfy clothes. We wouldn’t necessarily want our picture taken like this. And there is a good chance that no one in Hollywood would take a picture of makeup-less, frumpy me, stick it next to an airbrushed picture of a Kardashian and say that I was beautiful. But guess what, I think they are wrong. And by the end of this article, you may too!

Let’s do an activity. The next time you read CATABUNGA, I want you to close your eyes, and picture beauty. Hair, face, eyes, skin, body, nails – get an image of all of it. Ready? CATABUNGA!

What did you see? If you saw a perfect skin tone, high cheek bones, glossy lips, ultra-long and luscious eye lashes, a 26 inch waist, designer clothes, shiny wavy hair and picture-perfect finger nails, keep reading, this is about to get good.

When I did this activity a year ago, that was my picture, too.

Why is that what we saw? Because that was our definition of beauty as society has taught us. However, society’s definition is a lie.

Today I see sun kissed skin, and eyes of a rich, deep, vibrant color. I see a smooth, rounded body in soft, warm clothes. I pictured hair that has not been situated by bobby pins or by the heat of a curling wand, but that lays messy on the shoulders.

I have redefined beauty for myself, and I encourage you to work to do the same.

There are still days when I wish and strive to have less ‘goosh,’ as I call it, on my stomach. The big red pimples that still appear on my cheeks from time to time still get covered up with concealer, and I still try everything to make them go away. And when my ever-so-loving boyfriend calls these unsightly blemishes ‘beauty bumps’, I remember: perfect doesn’t make pretty. I am beautiful and that fact is perfect, no matter what society makes me think I should look like.

We can still wear makeup, do our hair and wear nice clothes – that’s all a fun part of being female. What needs to change, though, is our confidence in being ourselves even when natural and “exposed”.

When you take off your makeup at night, put your hair in a bun and change into the old sweat pants you keep for bumming around, your beauty doesn’t fade, change, or disappear. This is when it becomes real.

Will you believe that with me?

Song of Songs says, “You are all together beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.” This is what God says about us!

You are beautiful inside, outside, and naturally, just the way God created you!

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IsabelIsabel Siegel is 18 years old just moved to Westerville, Ohio. She has a passion for all aspects of wellness – organic veggies, nature adventures, and the pursuit and understanding of truth. Non-fiction books, house plants, trips to Whole Foods, and running at Hoover Reservoir are some of the things she loves to do. She is a true conversationalist, and an ideas girl with a massive love for connecting with people. Right now, the Lord is teaching her to trust Him, and to dream big