Perfect doesn’t make Pretty

beautyHey, Beautiful!!

Yes, you!

Do you believe me?

I can’t see your face, your hair, or your body right now as you’re reading this but I know you are beautiful – because my definition of beauty is different than yours.

I’m not talking about your amazingly unique brain, stunningly compassionate heart, or thrillingly awesome mind. These are obviously all gorgeous! I’m talking about the outside of you!

Maybe you look something like me right now – damp hair, no makeup, and comfy clothes. We wouldn’t necessarily want our picture taken like this. And there is a good chance that no one in Hollywood would take a picture of makeup-less, frumpy me, stick it next to an airbrushed picture of a Kardashian and say that I was beautiful. But guess what, I think they are wrong. And by the end of this article, you may too!

Let’s do an activity. The next time you read CATABUNGA, I want you to close your eyes, and picture beauty. Hair, face, eyes, skin, body, nails – get an image of all of it. Ready? CATABUNGA!

What did you see? If you saw a perfect skin tone, high cheek bones, glossy lips, ultra-long and luscious eye lashes, a 26 inch waist, designer clothes, shiny wavy hair and picture-perfect finger nails, keep reading, this is about to get good.

When I did this activity a year ago, that was my picture, too.

Why is that what we saw? Because that was our definition of beauty as society has taught us. However, society’s definition is a lie.

Today I see sun kissed skin, and eyes of a rich, deep, vibrant color. I see a smooth, rounded body in soft, warm clothes. I pictured hair that has not been situated by bobby pins or by the heat of a curling wand, but that lays messy on the shoulders.

I have redefined beauty for myself, and I encourage you to work to do the same.

There are still days when I wish and strive to have less ‘goosh,’ as I call it, on my stomach. The big red pimples that still appear on my cheeks from time to time still get covered up with concealer, and I still try everything to make them go away. And when my ever-so-loving boyfriend calls these unsightly blemishes ‘beauty bumps’, I remember: perfect doesn’t make pretty. I am beautiful and that fact is perfect, no matter what society makes me think I should look like.

We can still wear makeup, do our hair and wear nice clothes – that’s all a fun part of being female. What needs to change, though, is our confidence in being ourselves even when natural and “exposed”.

When you take off your makeup at night, put your hair in a bun and change into the old sweat pants you keep for bumming around, your beauty doesn’t fade, change, or disappear. This is when it becomes real.

Will you believe that with me?

Song of Songs says, “You are all together beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.” This is what God says about us!

You are beautiful inside, outside, and naturally, just the way God created you!

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IsabelIsabel Siegel is 18 years old just moved to Westerville, Ohio. She has a passion for all aspects of wellness – organic veggies, nature adventures, and the pursuit and understanding of truth. Non-fiction books, house plants, trips to Whole Foods, and running at Hoover Reservoir are some of the things she loves to do. She is a true conversationalist, and an ideas girl with a massive love for connecting with people. Right now, the Lord is teaching her to trust Him, and to dream big