One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Me

Neil Armstrong was prepared for this and tested over and over again with tons of scientific equipment. He was given a nice, shiny, white suit before his ascent to the moon and was more than ready. I was not ready.

My college decision was right around the corner and I had to pick the right one. I wanted to be successful and picking the perfect college was the first step in doing so. I was the kid who applied to two colleges only wanting to get into one. It didn’t matter which one, just one. I was horrible at making decisions and a major choice like this was terrifying. I hoped to receive one envelope with a letter of acceptance and the other with a letter of rejection. Funny enough, God put the decision in my lap.  I received two letters of acceptance. Dang it, this meant both doors were open.

I constantly prayed that God would give me an obvious answer. As I got ready for school, brushed my hair, or read a book, I asked Him to show me His plan for me. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that easy. James 1:5 says, “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.”

During Wednesday night youth group, I talked to my youth pastor about hearing God. He said, “Don’t ask for obvious answers. Ask for faith.” I adored my pastor but was concerned he thought I lacked faith. “It’s okay to ask God for the wisdom to make decisions, but the step of faith – the leap of faith – is what God asks of you. You ask for wisdom from God and he just asks you to leap.”

His words rang in my head and heart for days. I could not shake them. Step out in faith?! I actually had to decide?! I was terrified I’d make a huge mistake.

Week after week of college shout outs and full email inboxes, I sought God and opened my heart one last time. It was the weekend of Presidential Scholars at one of my top choice schools. Attending this event was such a great honor. Ultimately, it would help me decide and feel confident about my college decision. I made a deal with myself that the next Monday I would choose. After a seven-hour car ride of earnest silence and prayer, I began my ascent to the moon. Time passed so sloooowly. I contemplated every positive and negative of the situation and tried to go without second-guessing myself. “What if’s” flooded my mind. What if I made the wrong decision?  Finally, after the mental war was over, I put my trust in God and leaped. I decided to go to High Point University!

God desires us to seek Him, even if it means riding silently in the car for seven hours. He loves when we ask in faith for wisdom. Paul says that God gives wisdom generously as long as we fully believe in Him. Sure, a giant picture in the sky or an audible voice from God would be great, but if it were that easy we would take God’s wisdom for granted. It’s a two-way street; one of which both parties are giving and taking. God takes our leap of faith and gives us wisdom.

Jordyn is a senior at Olentangy Liberty High School and will be attending High Point University in the fall. She loves spending time with friends, photo shoots and shopping.