Identity Crisis

Have you ever seen a picture on Instagram and thought, why can’t I be more like her? Why is she so much prettier than me? How come I can’t travel all over the world like she does?I believe these are thoughts we’ve all wrestled with at one time or another. 

As women, we are constantly being bombarded with videos and pictures that try to sell us an image, position or personality to attain. The enemy has twisted and used social media to attack the most beautiful and lovely part of God’s creation: women. He hates women so much because he knows we are life-givers and have an enormous capacity for empathy and love. We have the job of carrying on and exemplifying the core of beauty that God created!  Satan absolutely hates women and the love and purpose they bring to the world. 

Because of this constant barrage of programming, we question our purpose, second guess ourselves and wonder if anyone truly loves and cares for us. We’ve lost the basic component of our identity. Instead, we look for purpose and worth in a guy, beautiful makeup, a friendship, new hairstyle or whatever the latest trend is. These things are wonderful to have, but we can’t start there. We can’t base our self-worth and identity off of something that isn’t eternal. 

We have to start with the Life-Giver, the one who put the universe in motion and created and breathed life into you. What does He say about you? Who did He create you to be? What is His plan for your precious life? Spend some time each day getting to know your Heavenly Father and learn about the goodness He has for you. Quiet your mind so He can share His secrets with you. He wants to impart into your heart the love and peace that He embodies. He wants a friend in you! Isn’t it mind-blowing that the Creator of Heaven and Earth, who spokethe world into existence, wants to have a deep, intentional relationship with us?! 

Over the last couple months, I’ve learned the immeasurable value and importance of staying rooted in who you are. We have to go back to the beginning and remind ourselves of who created us and for what purpose. 1 Peter 2:9 says that, “You are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.” My friend, youare God’s chosen, holy possession, born again into royalty! You are His light, shining for all the world to see! 

I encourage you to read this verse in 1 Peter every day so you don’t lose sight of the beautiful identity you have as a child of the King of Kings. He loves you and is ready to pour His grace and love into you. You only need to open your heart and receive it.  

Ashley Geideman will be a senior this fall and lives in Grafton, Ohio. She loves all things fashion, beauty, and music. Her passion is seeing others set free and living in the truth of God’s kingdom. Ashley’s other pursuits include writing, leading, speaking, singing, and dreaming big. She shares her all dreams, inspirations, and encouragement over on her Instagram @legitashleytaylor.