The Art of Waiting…

None of us like to wait… in fact impatience defines most Americans today.  We want what we want and we want it NOW!!  We have road rage when we are stuck in a traffic jam, we hate standing in long lines, we eat fast food, our microwaves cook too slowly, and we get impatient when we text and don’t get an immediate response.  We are impulsive shoppers wanting instant gratification, and waiting is often not part of our vocabulary!

The Lord has been working on my heart lately in regards to waiting.  As believers, we often want God to break in NOW, and come to our rescue immediately.  We pray and expect change now.  We ask in order to receive, but when we don’t get it, we are often disappointed or frustrated with God.  He certainly can and does answer some prayers immediately.  But often, through the process of waiting we learn a deeper, more necessary lesson.  Delayed healings cause us to press in and persevere.  Delayed financial breakthroughs cause us to lean on and trust God as our sole provider for all that we need.  And so God often calls us to endure and wait SO THAT our character will be built up in the process.

This past weekend our youth group participated in the 30 Hour Famine, an event World Vision hosts yearly to raise money for world hunger.  During this weekend, a person fasts eating for 30 Hours in order to get sponsors to donate money to pay for food and water for those in need.  I find that when I fast, I am able to hear God more clearly.  And often He begins working on my character as I am more dependent on Him.  During the Famine, World Vision provides a lot of information – statistics, testimonies, and very impacting videos based on true stories from around the world. 

We watched one video about a woman in Africa who treks four hours each day to supply water for her and her family.  The crazy thing is she walks an hour each way to a river where she then has to dig out dirt, and scoop up dirty water into jugs that she then carries back to her home.  And this walk isn’t a leisurely walk around the neighborhood on a sidewalk.  She’s climbing through thorn bushes, walking through rocky terrain, and lugging 70 pounds of water on her back.  She does this twice a day to have enough water for drinking, cooking, bathing and washing dishes.  She even did this throughout her entire pregnancy and on the day she delivered her baby!

My mind cannot even begin to comprehend walking for two hours to drink dirty, contaminated water!  But she doesn’t have a choice.  This is her world and all that is offered to her! 

Would I have the patience or endurance to walk four miles a day for water?  I don’t think so!  I complain when I have to stand in line for my Starbucks drink, and then get frustrated if it isn’t hot enough.  I don’t like standing in line at the bank or grocery store because I have places to go and things to get done.  I am in a hurry people!!!

The entitlement we feel as Americans comes from a society that feeds us these lines all the time.  “you have rights”, “you deserve the best”, “have it YOUR way”.  The marketing slogans feed our appetites creating an attitude that demands what we want now.  It says the world revolves around ME and I should have what I want – NOW!

What we often forget is that waiting produces character on the inside.  It allows us to hold on for something we desire, but cannot yet have.  Waiting causes us to persevere, to endure, to hold on, to stay the course… all of which are acts of our will.  These come from a deeper place of choice – rather than being moved by our emotions or feelings.

Think about a time in your life when you REALLY wanted something, and you wanted it now, but you had to wait.  Maybe you couldn’t afford something you wanted to purchase, so you waited while you earned more money.  Maybe you were hungry, but couldn’t have it right then, so you waited.  LATER when you were able to get what you wanted, it was that much sweeter right?  The cupcake you couldn’t have until AFTER dinner tasted that much better, because you waited!!!

Waiting creates a discipline on the inside.  It combats the culture and society we live in.     

The Bible is filled with stories about men and women who had to wait:

  • Abraham was promised a son but it was not fulfilled until he was 100 years old!
  • David was anointed king, but was not given the position until years later.
  • Joseph had a dream of his brothers bowing down, but waited through being sold as a slave, imprisoned by Potipher and serving alongside of him, to then be raised up to 2nd in command.
  • Jesus the Messiah was promised and spoken of throughout the entire Old Testament, but did not come until God’s appointed time.

We must remember that God’s timing is not our timing.  His ways are beyond our ways.  And He is WAY more concerned about our hearts and our character, then whether we get what we want when we want it.

As you read through this post today, ask yourself the question – Am I willing to wait for the best things God has to offer me?  Am I willing to wait for God’s timing – knowing that He knows what is absolutely best for me?

If we can believe God and trust Him and His timing in our lives, we have taken a huge step in learning the Art of Waiting!

30 Days of Gratitude!!

(photo from

For the entire month of November, the Pure Design Team would like to invite you to write in and share what you are grateful for!!

Write down one thing – every day this month and post it here in our comments section, or on our FB page.  It can be a very simple one word answer or a few sentences filled with thought… Or post a picture if you want to be creative! 

We’d love to get as many of our readers participating so that this list of gratitude grows and grows.  Post your thoughts and tell your friends about it as well!!

 I Thessalonians 5:18 says – “Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 

Paul encourages us to give thanks in everything!

 So what are YOU thankful for today??


8 Steps to Living Radically

1.  Reckless Abandon: A huge key in being a passionate and radical follower of Jesus Christ is reckless abandon.  Reckless abandon can be described as doing something in spite of consequences.  Continuously surrender and submit your whole self and the plans that you have for your life to God, and allow Him to have complete control and trust! In Jeremiah 29:11 God says: “For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you, and not to harm you; plans to give you hope, and a future.” His plans for your life are beautiful. As Katie Davis, a missionary in Uganda, Africa says, “It’s not about God making my dreams come true, but about God changing my dreams into his dreams for my life.”

2.  Don’t be lukewarm: Revelations 3:16 says “I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other!” Christ wants us to lead a life that is passionate, and sold out for him from the words that come out of our mouths to the actions we display and posture of our hearts. We live in a culture today where it’s normal to be ‘okay’ or content with what’s going on around us.  We, as teens, face pressures to conform and be like the world but we are called to be set apart and to live a life that is not of this world!  When we accept Christ into our lives, we are wiped clean and reborn from our previous ways of doing things and we are to live in such a way that reflects Christ and the works he has done in us.

3.  Fear not: The Bible says to “Fear not.”…365 times!!  That is a reminder to “fear not” for every single day of the year. Being radical isn’t just about going to church every weekend and keeping watch on what you say and do; it’s also about stepping out of your comfort zone. We have so many opportunities to make a difference, but yet we fear what people would think if we were to do so. Matthew 10:28 says “Do not fear those who can kill the body but not kill the soul.” We have the tools to make a change, to stand up for what’s right, and to be a light in a dark place. Set out in faith and don’t let fear get in the way!

4.  Turn intentions into actions: Per the dictionary, intention can be defined as:  “Firmly directed, having ones attention or purpose firmly fixed; anything intended, with purpose; determination to act in a specified, purposeful way.”  Instead of allowing ideas of how to step out, serve, or shine the light of God to get stuck in our minds as thoughts only, we should focus our thoughts and intentions on God and see what steps he gives you to walk out the actions.  He says he will direct our steps…listen, believe it, and act with Jesus. (Check out Colossians 3:1 and Ephesians 15-17)

5. Soak in the Bible: The Bible is a powerful weapon against fear, filled with countless truths, advice, and examples on how to live.  A great way to fight fear is to put scriptures in a place you frequent such as a locker, mirror, in school books or even on a cell phone. Surrounding yourself with truths will help to remind you why fear has no place in our daily lives. 2 Timothy 3:16 says, “All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right.” If you are looking for a role model of a person who lived radically, look no further than Jesus himself, in the New Testament. The things he said, did and acted out were extraordinarily countercultural to the world around him.

6. Look around for daily opportunities to serve:  The definition of radical is “Relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough.” Even though this is a high standard, it can most definitely be met. You can touch the life of another through God by searching for opportunities to serve those around you whether it is at home, school, on the sidewalk, at the store… anywhere!  There is a constant need for Jesus’ love, kindness, and compassion, so whether it’s a smile, hug, or helping someone with groceries, just know that God’s light shines through you everywhere you are. 

7. Trust:  God is much bigger than we are which is very reassuring. Sometimes it can feel like the little things we do to help others make no difference at all, but that is a lie. If we step out and do something to change the way the world is, even if it appears small, it is an act of good that may not have been there before.  Confidence to act spreads, but it has to start somewhere.  Kindness is contagious. It’s not up to you to change the world; that is God’s job. But you can take part of the change. Trust in Him.

8. Where do your foundations and roots lie? Colossians 2:6-7 says, “As you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so continue to live in him. Keep your roots deep in him and have your lives built on him. Be strong in faith, just as you were taught and always be thankful.” The foundations that we build on play a huge role in our relationship with Christ, our walk with him, and in our radical living. It’s important to be sold out for God and to build your life on him. Matthew 7:24-28 says “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand.  The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash.”  Trials will come during our walk with Christ: doubts, questions, and persecution…but if you don’t have your roots deep in Christ, you will fall like the house built on sand. But those who have their roots deep in Christ and find their encouragement, strength and hope from him will stand strong and flourish. 

                                   ~ by Maddie Lotz & Kate Decker

Our team is growing!

It’s very exciting to see how quickly the Pure Design team is growing!!!
Women and teens from all over are communicating their interest in being a part!

We have two new teens and three women who’ve come on board within the last month.
(pictures to be added here soon!!)

Hannah Kahley and Olivia Preston are being added to our creative team of teen girls, as well
as Natalie Babbert – a financial planner and web designer, Kerry Merchant – a creative writer,
and a dear friend Sarah Siegand – an author and designer from Nashville!!
I can’t begin to say how exciting it is to watch God grow this magazine.
Piece by piece, people are being added to both the creative and business side of this team!
It is only God’s doing, as He is drawing women and teens to be part of something He’s forming and

While our core team has to remain a certain size, we SO want other teen girls like YOU to be involved!
Writers, photographers, models, hair stylists, makeup artists… All of these are so important and valuable
pieces to a complete magazine… We need teens who are willing to be real and raw and ask real questions
for the ask MaRcK articles.. we need them all!!! We need YOU!

If you want to be a part of our winter issue, or if you have a question you’d love to have answered in the ask MaRcK (which stands for each girl’s initial.. Maddie, Avery, Ruth, Caeilen, Kate) please email Pam at and let us know! or message our Pure Design Teen Mag. FB page!!

Photos and new teen blogs coming soon… stay tuned!

Issue 2 Brainstorming has begun!

Brainstorming and ideas are flying for our next issue of Pure Design Magazine!!!
We cannot wait as we feature winter and holiday looks!
Who doesn’t love a great snuggly sweater? An awesome pair of boots, scarves, hats, and holiday bling?
It’s all coming up… stay tuned!!

We will have some more photos of our Magazine Release Party which was such a hit from August!!
We have great pics from the red carpet photo booth, our fashion show, the designers dash and dance party!
Tons of fun, and such great photos will be featured!

We will have some more inspirational articles, and much, much more!!!

For those of you who might be interested in joining us on a photo shoot for our next issue, please email Pam Lozano at We would love to have you be a part!

We are also needing more “Ask MaRcK” questions – for those of you who don’t know – we’ve created an article called “Ask MaRcK” which stands for Maddie, Avery, Ruth, Caeilen and Kate – the 5 teen girls on our original team. You can email in any questions you would like featured in our magazine, and our girls will sit down together and come up with answers that will be given right within the magazine. Send in your questions to, and we will feature them in our Winter Issue.

In the meantime, check our blog posts here!

We are committing to posting new blogs twice a month – hopefully right around the 1st and 15th of each month.
Blogs will be written by teens who have a desire to share creative thoughts and ideas through articles, photographs, crafting ideas, fashion ideas, video logs (vlogs), and many other things.

If you desire to join in, we would love to have you be a part.

Check out a few additional photos from our magazine release party… looking forward to many more posts.. stay tuned!!

We hope to be a website you keep coming back to over and over again for fun and creative fashion and crafting ideas. Pure Design’s goal is to inspire young women to live life to the fullest as God has intended us to live!

Tomorrow we Launch!

Tomorrow is an exciting day!  Pure Design Magazine officially launches hours from now!!  And as I sit here late at night, I just want to say how excited, amazed, and grateful I am that this dream is becoming a reality!!

There are soooo many people to thank – just for this one issue.. our contributors page for our Release Party was quite extensive.. But for now, I want to focus on the team that pulled off issue 1 –
Maddie – miss creativity herself, Caeilen – my fashionista, Ruth – miss dedicated detail, Kate – miss sweet spirit and loyal heart, Avery – miss mischievous fun-loving.. I am so excited for each one of you – seeing your gifts and talents rise to the surface.. I hope you are all as excited as I am…

To Jamie – who joined your dream to mine, to Sophia who helped make this issue a reality – through photography, page layouts and coaching of an entirely new program, I am so glad you are part of this team!  And to Kim – who has poured endless hours into making this dream a reality – through photography, vision, layout, and determination, you have labored over this with such great detail.. I am so thankful you desire to have it as excellent of a product as possible!  Thank you so very much!

Thanks Nicole for coordinating the Release Party to help raise funds to keep us going!!

And I am so excited for all those who will be joining us in the near future – to those coming onto the core team, and extended team.. I pray everything we do – from the very first issue until the last one God graces us with – that it brings glory and honor to Jesus, that it blesses every single reader – young and old, and that it creates a venue and an outlet for amazing creativity for the next generation!!

Bless each of you readers on the eve of our very first launch!!

The Beginnings of Pure Design Magazine…

Pure Design Magazine was birthed out of my desire to write, and my love and passion to mentor teen girls!  Along with this, I have a daughter who is a fashion freak, and who desires to be a fashion designer one day.  I was drying my hair in my bathroom one morning, and I heard the Lord whisper to my heart, what IF, you took your passion for writing and mentoring and married it with your daughter’s love for fashion, and you created a magazine for teen girls?  What if?

Within a week or so I mentioned this to a friend of mine who owns a photography business with her husband.  She has a very crafty “Martha Stewart” type daughter.  Her eyes lit up, and she was so excited to mention it to her daughter, who in turn was ecstatic!  I was amazed that someone really wanted to do this with me!  A week after that, I was having breakfast with another friend of mine, and telling her about the magazine idea, and she welled up with tears sharing she had always wanted to start a girl’s magazine, and asked if she could be a part?  Her daughter soon jumped on board.  Other girls within our youth group soon chimed in adding their excitement and ideas to mine.

Within a month, we had a brainstorming meeting, and we were on our way!!  Since then, the summer has been filled with photo shoots, crafting for photo shoots, writing, divine connections, and an amazing Release Party just last week. People are writing and asking how they can be a part, girls are wanting to join in and be part of brainstorming and writing and photography, and the momentum that is growing is absolutely amazing to me!!  I never imagined overseeing a magazine – especially one including fashion, crafting and thrifting… (and hot glue guns 🙂 – that’s another story) but it has been a blast! The people that God has gathered so far, have absolutely amazed me, and I know He is going to continue to add to this group with even more!  I am so excited as I sit here, just days away from the launch of our first issue, realizing this thing may get a whole lot bigger than I ever imagined. I am holding on, and willing to do whatever God initiates.  To think this all started with a question – What if?

Save the Dates!!

The Pure Design Teen Mag. team is so excited for two upcoming events:

On Friday, August 24th, we are hosting the Pure Design Magazine Release Party as a fundraising event at the Vineyard Church of Delaware County located at 1001 W. Cherry Street, Sunbury, Ohio 43074!!  We are going to have a fun girls’ night out where we will be giving a SNEAK PEAK of the first edition of the magazine.  The evening will also be filled with photo opps. for you and your friends, a fashion show, live music, crafting, food and dancing!!

The cost is only $7.00, and all proceeds go to actual magazine costs.

Join us for this fun night, and bring some girlfriends along.
Tickets will go on sale August 5th, through local youth groups.. check out our FB page for more details – and “like” our Facebook page – Pure Design Teen Mag.

We are also very excited for our Magazine launch date which is coming up soon!! – Monday, September 3rd – Labor Day!!!

Our website will be up and running very soon as well at!!

We hope you will tell all your girlfriends about this and spread the news!!!

We look forward to hearing from you!!

The Pure Design Teen Mag. team