Beauty from Ashes

An inspiring “Beauty from Ashes” story from one of our own team members entitled “Niner” will be available on March 7th when this issue is published.Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Verse 1:

You left Your mark

Your kindness stirs my heart

You are beautiful

You left Your rightful throne

Went to Calvary alone

You are so beautiful



From the ashes we rise

And right before our eyes

You make our lives beautiful

You made a change in me

You are good and I believe

You make all things beautiful


Verse 2:

Your love invades the dark

It softens hardened hearts

You are powerful

You make all things new

Nothing is too hard for You

You are all powerful



Your scars have won my heart

Your scars have won my heart

For all You’ve done, it was all for love

You are beautiful


Photo by Joseph Hansen

The Fall issue of Pure Design

Incase you didn’t hear through FB, Instagram or Twitter. The Fall issue of Pure Design Magazine called “The Power of Words” was published on September 1st. Check out the website: This issue contains some great fall fashion, real life stories, some great recipes and more!

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Pure Design Guy!

Happy Thanksgiving Week Designers!! We hope you are anticipating a great holiday with family and lots of food!! We sure are!!

Many people have asked me about publishing a guy’s version of Pure Design Magazine – and believe me the ideas and dreams are there… this is hopefully a future project that we will take on as we add more staff and volunteers. For now though, we want to get some of our teen guy friends involved in our magazine by creating a new article we will feature in each issue starting in 2014!!!

Introducing – Pure Design Guy! This will simply be an article where our team comes up with a topic to ask and interview a teen guy about. Each issue will feature a different guy and subject matter… which is where you come in as readers!

What topics or questions would you like us to ask our high school guy about?
It could be about communication, clothing, what they are interested in when they like a girl, whatever topic (within reason) that you would like us to ask some of our Christian guy friends about. (Not every question submitted will be used, but we will read through and consider each of them.) But if you would like to submit a question to our Pure Design Guy article for our March 1st Spring Issue – email us at or message us on our FB page – Pure Design Teen Mag.

We hope you stop back in 5 days for our Winter Issue of Pure Design – “Religion vs. Relationship” – it’s going to be a great issue!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!

Speaking of Pure Design Guy – Here’s Elijah K. walking the red carpet at our Pure Design Gala!!

Winter Issue Coming Soon!!

Don’t forget to check back here on December 1st for the next issue of Pure Design Magazine entitled “Religion vs. Relationship”. Many people celebrate the holidays by attending church or mass, or a religious gathering, but often do not get past the “religious form” of the day. Articles in this issue talk about having a relationship with Jesus Christ and how we relate to Him in a personal way!! Check back in only 7 days for some great inspirational fashion, “Do It Yourself” crafts and makeup, real-life articles and photos from our Pure Design Gala on November 1st!! Thank you for your support and following! Keep spreading the word to your friends!! Post our information on all your social media sites!!

Here’s a great photo from our very first photo shoot last year! We are honored to be able to publish this magazine each quarter. We hope you as readers are blessed by it too!!!

Positive Role Models!

The Pure Design Autumn Gala was an amazing night filled with THREE wonderful role models! As I took the microphone to end the night, I realized this was exactly what I hoped the night would be! An evening of inspiration by three young adults in entirely different walks of life – sports, fashion and music. We began with a fantastic fashion show by Lindsey Turner of Thrift and Shout. Lindsey clothed fourteen models with fun school looks for fall and winter along with some dressier looks for the holidays. Models strutted down the red carpet reminding us how fun new looks bring a smile to our faces. Former OSU Kicker Ben Buchanan encouraged all to be secure in who they are and how God has made them. He reminded us to stay connected to positive role models, surround ourselves with solid friends and leaders, and to remain close to parents and family during those tough college years. He encouraged everyone that we will have difficulties and make mistakes, but the key is in keeping connected through authentic friendships, small groups and a real relationship with Christ! Heather Evans ended the evening with both fun and powerful music bringing to light the topic of human trafficking which is dear to her heart.

All three are walking out the purposes of God for their lives individually. Each of them are responding to the dreams, passions, and God-given desires inside. Ben’s love for football is leading him to pursue a career in sports broadcasting. Lindsey’s passion for fashion drives her to thrift shop several times and week, blog about her finds, and resell them to friends and family who don’t have the time or expertise to shop for themselves. Heather’s drive to make a difference in the world is being fueled by her gifting in music. She writes songs of hope and challenges her listeners to know what is truly happening in the earth today.

I sat back and watched each of them so passionate in their unique giftings. I was amazed and encouraged again to see when we are faithful to go for the things that God births inside our hearts, He will be faithful to open doors that no man can shut and lead us into all He has for us to be.

One of my favorite verses is Jeremiah 29:11 – For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and future! This is God’s promise to each and every one of us. He has good things for us all!

So run after those things stirring in your heart. Dream your dreams, create those inventions, write those songs, paint those pictures! Whatever is on the inside – that you “gotta do or you’re just gonna burst”, go after them and do them! God will give us the desires of our hearts, if you faithfully submit your plans to him.

Lastly, surround yourself with positive role models – they are out there! You may have to search a little harder to find them. The media won’t put them on display too often. But Friday night proved there ARE positive role models in every arena who are thrilled to share what they have learned!

The Summer Issue Is Here!!

The summer issue of Pure Design is up and people are loving it!!  Please send us comments on your favorite parts!!

Already working on the Fall issue… many great ideas ahead so stay tuned!!

Pure Design Gala / Fashion Show Postponed

Pure Design Teen Gala Postponed!


Incase you have not heard yet, the Pure Design Gala/Fashion Show is being postponed until the fall.  We apologize for any inconvenice, but hope to tweak this event and bring it back at a better time of the year when more girls can attend! 

In the meantime, be sure to check back on June 1st for the Summer edition of Pure Design Teen Magazine!! 

Pure Design Art Gala/Fashion Show Postponed!!

Pure Design Art Gala/Fashion ShowPostponed!!
Due to low ticket sales, we are postponing/revamping our Art Gala / Fashion Show Event until this Fall.  More details are coming though so stay tuned to our site and Facebook page for more information!!
But you didn’t think we’d leave you hanging without something to keep you going did you? 
The Summer Issue of Pure Design Magazine is coming soon!!!  Check out our site on June 1st for the brand new issue:  Finding Your Voice.  Great articles, fashion and local artisans will be featured during this issue so check back on June 1st and enjoy!!
Thank you for your continued support of Pure Design Magazine!
The Pure Design Team