Fall Fashion Favorites

Fall… That comforting, apple cider-drinking, pumpkin-picking, leaves-changing, school-starting time of the year (well, maybe that last detail isn’t the greatest part of the season). One

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Let Go & Fly!

I have noticed a terrible pattern in my life – that I quite often let fear dictate my choices. I struggle with anxiety and fear

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Gossip Girl

Dear hurting girl who doesn’t deserve the pain you’re in, or what the other girl did to you, or didn’t mean to do to you,

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From Fear to Fit!

Do you look around, comparing yourself, wishing you could be “fit”? Are you frustrated with what you’ve tried? Do you tend to change your mind

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Carrying your Sisters

Last year, one of my closest friends walked through the most difficult season of her life, to date. Early in her pregnancy, she discovered that

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