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Living Radically in 2017

Check out Savannah’s VLOG with thoughts on how to live radically for God in 2017 and details about our upcoming Radical Girls Conference on Saturday, February 11th, 2017 from 9:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. at the Medallion Golf Club in Westerville, Ohio.

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Dream and Keep your Heart Alive

December is a great time for reflection – a time to pull away from the holiday craze and slow the pace a bit.  If we will make time to stop and process as the year comes to an end, we prepare our hearts for what lies ahead in the New Year. It allows us to realize the lessons we have learned, see where have we grown, analyze which goals were accomplished and where do we need to improve. Even a difficult year can provide us with lessons learned through hardship and pain.

For me, December is a contemplative time. I love to cuddle up with a warm blanket and cup of cocoa, along with my journal and write down thing that happened in the last year. I write out lessons learned, unaccomplished goals, new relationships I am grateful for. I’m then able to look ahead to the New Year and dream for what I hope to accomplish in the coming twelve months.

Dreams keep our hearts alive and we must be intentional to make time to dream. We all get busy and caught in the mundane tasks of our week and our month. But, if we make time to dream and create ways to work towards them, life can be fun and our hearts will come alive.

It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, dreaming is good for the heart!

Here are a few tips on how to Dream and Keep your Heart Alive in 2017:

  1. Dream Time! Make time every month to dream and work towards your dreams.  Cut out a couple of your favorite TV shows or one movie and you now have a two hour window to dream.  Find a place where you can be quiet and still and listen to your heart.  Coffee shops, parks, a quiet church sanctuary or a library are great spots to pull away.  Ask yourself:  “What makes my heart come alive?” or “If I could do anything, I would…” Don’t allow all the roadblocks and hurdles to come into your mind of age, money, family restraints, time, but really let yourself dream!
  1. Create a Dream Journal. Document your thoughts, so you SEE your thoughts on paper. Getting it out of your head and onto paper allows you to build on, change and edit your thoughts as you go. Find whatever works for you – write it all out, draw it, sketch it, or just doodle your thoughts. We all process things differently, so whatever works best for you is the way to go.  So many dreams have started as chicken scratch on the corner of a restaurant napkin.  Go with it and see where your dreams may go!
  1. Speak Your Dreams! Often times we are afraid to talk about our dreams with others. We are afraid they will sound dumb, or that someone will reject our ideas. Find a true friend and share your dreams with them. There is POWER in your words! Find someone who believes in you, who will encourage you and cheer you on.  Don’t go to Debbie Downer who will list all the reasons why you SHOULDN’T do it. You’ll be discouraged, before you even start. By speaking your dreams out loud, seeds of hope are created in your heart and it begins to set things in motion.  And who knows, maybe your friend will have additional ideas on   ways to accomplish your dream?
  1. Do one Thing towards your Dream! Several life coaches, speakers and writers give this tip to do one thing, once a week to start moving towards your dream. I’ve lived it and it really does work! If you’ll set aside 20, 30 or 60 minutes a week as “Dream Time”, you will begin to create a momentum and excitement that will keep you moving and working on your dream. We are all busy, but I guarantee you – this will become your favorite ½ hour or hour of the week.

It’s your time to dream, plan, explore, journal and SEE your dream become a reality.

PamPam Lozano is the Founder & President of Pure Design Ministries & Magazine. She is a conscientious leader who believes in investing in and mentoring the next generation to raise them up to be who God has designed them to be. 


Your mind is a private sanctuary, so don’t allow negative thoughts, opinions of others, or the darkness of this world to invade it. What you think about and dwell on can affect your entire mood and countenance. What goes on inside of you affects what happens on the outside, unless you learn to fake it.

Think about what makes you sad. When I am upset for a very long time, it is usually because I have let my mind dwell on sad things, and then I have let that single thought affect how I feel in that moment or that day. This also applies to being angry, irritable or depressed. These emotions occur because you allow your mind to remain in that negative place and often then wander down a path of destruction. You become like a reed that sways in the wind, never stable or strong.

But, do you know that you ARE strong? You have the power to control your moods, feelings and actions! Just because someone hurts or offends you, that hurt or offense doesn’t have to affect you for weeks on end. No, you can be sad or angry for a while, that’s part of being human, but then after you’ve processed the pain, it’s time to pick yourself up and choose to move on. The choice is truly yours.

You can decide to be happy, no matter what is going on in this crazy world around you. Your brain and thoughts affect how you feel and your brain can create patterns for the ways you think.  What types of thinking patterns or habits will you CHOOSE to create for yourself – negative ones or positive? Do you choose to dwell on the positive things of life, like friendships, provision and family or do you remain in sadness and choose to live negatively?

There is something attractive about a girl who stands tall and rejoices when the world comes against her.

James 1:2 says, “Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy.”

The Bible instructs us to see troubles we encounter as an opportunity for joy. When I read that, it sounds impossible.  Why would we consider trouble an opportunity for joy?  If you read that verse in context, it makes quite a bit of sense…it’s talks about being stronger on the inside than what is happening to you, because He who is in you, is greater.

“For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing.”

NEEDING NOTHING!  Wow, God will perfect our endurance and we will lack nothing, when we approach trails with joy. Wouldn’t you be happy and content if you lacked nothing? I sure would!

Dear girl, don’t let any troubles that come your way, take away your joy and perseverance. Press on and remember this trial is building your character and in Christ, you lack nothing!

carlyThis blog was written by Pure Design Teen Magazine’s blogger Carly Sage. Carly is 19 and lives in Youngstown, Ohio where she attends Victory School of Ministry. She hopes to be in full-time ministry as a pastor one day and loves to express herself through writing!

Fall Fashion Favorites

Fall… That comforting, apple cider-drinking, pumpkin-picking, leaves-changing, school-starting time of the year (well, maybe that last detail isn’t the greatest part of the season). One of the biggest reasons I love autumn is the fashion! Boots, scarves, sweaters, tights, it’s all a huge change from the rompers, tanks, and shorts of summer trends. It can even feel overwhelming to change over to your fall wardrobe. There are so many choices, details, and new styles to explore!

To make that transition from simple, sunny looks to layered indie-Autumn outfits easier for you, and to inspire your own unique fashion ideas, we’ve put together a collage of some of my favorite looks. Let the shopping begin!


The first look I’d like to introduce is just the simple T-shirt dress. These are so in style right now, and they honestly work with any season. Summer with sandals, fall with boots and sweaters, and winter with tights or leggings! If you’re looking for a cute and easy item to add to your closet, T-shirt dresses are an amazing staple to have on hand. Tie a flannel shirt or sweater around your waist to give your outfit a more hipster look, or wear an over-sized knit cardigan with the dress for an effortless, casual look.

blog_2 blog_3 blog_4

Ankle boots, a matching purse, and boho style sunglasses are all great accessories for this style. When it comes to jewelry, I like to keep it sweet and simple with a small, elegant necklace and matching gold stud earrings.

blog_5 blog_6blog_7





Another amazing thing about fall is that deliciously cool chill in the air. It gives me an excuse to add extra layers to any outfit! Denim is huge this season, and cute vests or jackets keep you warm in the crisp fall weather. Pair a dark denim button-up with a light wash jean and you’ll rock that chilly hayride in style.

blog_19 blog_20

So now that you have seen my photos and some outfits I’ve assembled, it’s your turn to go mix and match your own clothes to create your own styles! Have fun with it. Get some friends together to help you find your perfect autumn outfit. I’d love to see any fashions you come up with! Email me your style photos at CheyenneRoseMusic@gmail.com for a chance to be featured on my Style by Chey Instagram page!  Stay tuned and check back next month for additional ideas as well! Happy designing!


Thanks for reading, lovelies! Have a warm & wonderful autumn season!


Cheyenne Rose Arnspiger, 17, is a journalist, musician, songwriter, fashion-enthusiast, and crazy cat lady. Due to a high-pressure background of performing and modeling, self-comparison, fear, and insecurity were all a part of her life before she found her identity in God. Now, she is passionate about inspiring other girls to be confident in Christ through the songs, blogs, and stories she writes.

What I learned OFFLINE for 8 months!

savannahofflineI deleted my social media for 8 months.

And cable and Netflix and secular music and pretty much everything else that is entertaining.

Part of me hates social media. Actually scratch that – almost all of me hates it and wishes that it never existed. So when I felt called to get rid of it all for a while, it was somewhat easy for me and let me just say, it was the most productive time of my life!

Let me explain…

Late at night, with just my cell phone and I scrolling through the latest posts from my friends, famous people, and advertisements, that’s when I would hear it.

The thoughts condemned me for not being as beautiful, as tan or as sexy as them. The countless images of girls in their trendy outfits, the bikini pictures, the selfies… It drove me into a downward spiral of insecurity. I would compare myself to what I saw and realized how little I could compete.

I allowed my life to be consumed by the influence of the world, society, and media, instead of being filled with the love of Christ and it distorted my view of myself and the people around me.

After 8 months offline, I learned one thing:


I cannot control what I see at all times. The only thing I can control is how I allow it to affect me.

This simple idea has changed my life. I realized that the pain I was feeling inside my heart was no one’s fault, by my own because I allowed it. I didn’t understand the power of my thoughts and my words. I told myself so often that I was ugly and then wondered why I started to believe that I was ugly!

I noticed this shift in my mindset one evening standing in line at Chipotle. There was a girl with purple hair and winged eyeliner who was rather kind to me. This was significant to me because I didn’t have a trace of makeup on, wasn’t wearing a stylish outfit, and my hair was a mess… and I NEVER go out looking this way. She didn’t give a second thought at the fact that she could see my “flaws” and it made me realize that I was my harshest critic.

jesuspicI cried that night on my way home as my burrito waited in the bag for me. I began to feel convicted about the way that I was viewing my sisters in Christ – for being judgmental and seeing only their outward appearance instead of their heart. Kind of like how I viewed myself!

It may have taken me 8 months to figure it out, but that detox was just what I needed. I now focus on how each and every person is made in the image of God, including myself.

It is my prayer that women of God will come together and unite to be encouragers and not competitors, to support one another, and to celebrate the beauty in one another, while still knowing that they themselves are equally as beautiful.

As for myself and my own appearance, I choose to focus on more important things like my dreams, relationships, and my Savior. As I focus on things that I value inwardly, the meaning of the outwardly always diminishes in comparison.

“So God created mankind in His own image, in the image of God He created them; male and female He created them.” – Genesis 1:27


Savannah, 20, is a young writer and video creator who strongly believes in the power of young women coming together in Christ to bring real change to the world. As a result of marrying at the young age of 18, her life is far from ordinary, but her unique life has given her an opportunity to encourage other young girls to see the value of marriage. Savannah has had a relationship with the Lord since she was very young. During the last few years, she has truly begun to find her identity in Christ, which gives her the confidence to share her story in hopes of impacting others.

How to Change a Life in 5 Minutes or Less

View More: http://elizabethconleystudios.pass.us/pure-teen-design-magWhen I opened the mail box a few weeks ago, I found a hand addressed envelope from my friend Meghan in West Virginia.  Eager to open something other than a bill I moved quickly and clumsily back inside to the kitchen table, kicking off my sandals and leaving a trail of junk mail along the path.  Inside was a card, along with a long thoughtful message and a quote that made her think of me along with a check for her half of the rental car from our vacation last fall.  I’d long forgotten about it, so the check alone was a pleasant surprise.  But her handwritten words are worth far more than the $100.  The card remains where the dollars are long gone.

On Tuesday I came home from working to a vase full of purple white and red flowers from my boyfriend.  “A little something to brighten your days while I’m gone” he said. “Hopefully they survive the two weeks.”  It had been a rough couple days and I wasn’t looking forward to him going back to Cincinnati for two weeks.  While I was gone, he’d fixed my garden hose so that I’d only have to open the back door to the garden and twist the nozzle instead of going all the way to the side of the house, bare feet getting abused by sticks and stones.

Proverbs 16:24 says kind words are like honey. Sweet to the soul and healthy for the body. 

Kindness is like honey.  Sweet and healthy.  Delicious and nutritious, if you will.  And here’s the best part.  Kindness doesn’t require any money, grand gestures, hours of planning, change of life course.  We don’t need to buy a book or an online course or attend workshop on How To Be Kind.  Kindness is a simple, day in and day out practice, that’s the best kind of contagious.  Research shows that being kind makes us happier, reduces inflammation in the body, the kind that leads to chronic diseases, it builds relationships, sustains communities and binds families together.

So then let’s talk about 20 practical ways to spread kindness that can be done in under 5 minutes and for less than $5.

  1. Smile at every person you pass on the side walk.
  2. Pay for the person behind you in the Starbucks drive through.
  3. Leave a thoughtful note for your waiter/waitress.
  4. Send someone you love a card or note via snail mail.
  5. Surprise someone who’s struggling with a sweet treat.
  6. Put your phone away when you’re with people you love and be in the moment.
  7. Text a friend 3 things you love about them right now.
  8. Start a box of stuff to donate.
  9. Put a tip in the tip jar.
  10. Give someone a hug, like a real, warm, good one.
  11. Send a Facebook friend who’s struggling a thoughtful message.
  12. Leave a sticky note behind with a positive message.
  13. Say hello to the homeless person on the street and look them in the eye.
  14. Listen.
  15. Give someone a book you love.

You see, kindness is one of those everyday luxuries, like a lazy Sunday morning brunch, we can choose to spread our sweetness generously like honey on hot, buttery biscuits, spilling over the edges, watching as it sticks to the corners of lips upturned in satisfied grins.  Let’s poor kindness on thick, with no fear of wastefulness, to anyone and everyone we meet without stopping to question whether or not they deserve it.

Let me know in the comments how you’re practicing kindness this week!


Krista is a writer & life coach.  She is every day falling in love with moments & lines from her favorite books. She loves daydreaming & getting her hands dirty in her garden alongside her dog, Hank.  Her heart overflows with love for opening the eyes and hearts of young women to the way that Christ pursues their hearts, and to the love story and grand adventure he calls them to enter into.  Check out her website: kristawinbigler.com or follow her on Instagram: @kristawinbigler.

Let Go & Fly!

View More: http://elizabethconleystudios.pass.us/pure-teen-design-mag I have noticed a terrible pattern in my life – that I quite often let fear dictate my choices. I struggle with anxiety and fear which handicap my life in so many different ways. Anxiety is a lesser evil than many physical handicaps, but an evil nonetheless. It’s a mental isolation, a fear of the unknown and a form of self-destruction. If you have anxiety or struggle with panic attacks, you know exactly what I mean. It’s a hopeless illness, but I want to tell you that you’re strong enough to break through.

This past March I took a trip to New York City and had crippling panic attacks on the subway. I was so frightened from being underground that I couldn’t see where I was going. I cried and shook and couldn’t get my body to stop. I was very overcome by anxiety and fear. This happens to me sometimes when I face situations that are out of my control, not always to that extent, but anxiety creeps in every time I am afraid.

Whenever I was afraid, my thoughts felt out of control. I would often think of what I would do if I would fall.  I began to realize I needed to change my way of thinking – I just needed to have hope!  I began turning things around in my mind and instead of being afraid of falling, I’d ask myself – oh darling what if you fly? Fear is dictated by allowing your thoughts to go to the worst possible scenario and it leads to hopeless thinking.

I no longer look at my life through a lens of despair, but I look at life as an opportunity to fly!

Beautiful girl I promise you there is much richness in spreading your wings. When you choose to let go, open your eyes and completely live in a moment, God will take you to new heights and you will see like you never have before.

Our lives begin when we decide to explore all God has for us. Whether we give ourselves to travel, ministry, a career, or a family, there is more than this computer screen and your favorite chair to curl up in. There are so many day where I wanted to crawl into bed and hide under the covers forever, but the days when I risk my comfort are the days I write about in blogs, the days I sing about, the days I truly live! I encourage you, do not let fear takeover you. This world is so big and you were created for it. My dear friend once said, We are wired for love, fear is learned.”  It’s incredibly true and slowly my heart is changing, realizing more and more that being open and free is what I’m supposed to be.

carlyThis blog was written by Pure Design Teen Magazine’s blogger Carly Sage. Carly is 19 and lives in Youngstown, Ohio where she attends Victory School of Ministry. She hopes to be in full-time ministry as a pastor one day and loves to express herself through writing!

Gossip Girl

gossipgirlDear hurting girl who doesn’t deserve the pain you’re in, or what the other girl did to you, or didn’t mean to do to you, please, oh please don’t turn to gossip!

Gossip weaves an alluring and intricate maze – a maze that gets bigger with every word, and has many twists and turns that often lead to a dead end.

Recently in my life I have been victim to a lot of gossip, slander and many lies. We say that sticks and stones will break my bones but words may never hurt me…but the truth and painful reality is that words when carelessly thrown around break hearts, dreams, spirits and smiles. The Bible says that our tongues and words have the power of life and death:

“The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk

will reap the consequences.” Proverbs 18:21

Are you aware that your words have power? You can speak things into existence! Do you speak good, loving and beautiful things, or out of revenge and hate, do you speak ugly words? This portion of scripture also says that you reap the consequences of what you speak. You don’t only harm others with your gossip but also yourself.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but your words hurt more intensely.  Gossip is one of the worst forms of hurting another person. Unless you have been victim to gossip you can’t imagine how much it hurts inside. It causes a self-loathing and isolation to rise up in another person. You commit a crime against your own gender and tear down all the principles that girls should stand for. In a world that is difficult enough to navigate and figure out and make it through alive, why would we rise up against each other in hateful speech?

Whatever your reason for gossip, I assure you it isn’t validated. I’m not trying to downplay your hurt at all, maybe you truly are a victim of something awful, but doing something in return to hurt another, or to fulfill your own vendetta makes you no better than the person who hurt you.

You do have a right to love. If a friend has hurt you, go and talk to HER—not to other people ABOUT her. If she hurt you, don’t lash out for revenge, pray for her. Look at her situation, try to understand and do whatever you can to make amends and forgive. Do you know what the best success is in a situation where someone has hurt you intentionally or unintentionally? The best form of success is to move on, forgive, and not let it affect your life.

Girls, girls, girls…We need to do the best we can and stick together in love and unity. There is no benefit to gossip, there is no benefit to be against one another, instead let’s honestly love, support and lift each other up.

Sincerely, the girl who was stoned by gossip.

carlyThis blog was written by Pure Design Teen Magazine’s blogger Carly Sage. Carly is 19 and lives in Youngstown, Ohio where she attends Victory School of Ministry. She hopes to be in full-time ministry as a pastor one day and loves to express herself through writing!